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Thread: Need suggestions... Magnifying LCD on faceplate? [emoji848]

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    Need suggestions... Magnifying LCD on faceplate? 76yr old father's eyesight is getting bad. He's having difficulty seeing the freq on his radios. His favorite radio is a CRT SS6900N as it has large numbers on the screen. This radio is similar to an Anytone-5555

    But his 6900 keeps going dead...just got back from shop y'day and hooked it up for him. Lasted 7hrs...he just called me, it's broke again. Arghhh

    Anyway, back on topic...Dad's 2nd favorite radio is the President HR2510/2600 line...but he's having trouble reading the screen on it to change freqs.

    I'm just brainstorming some kinda way to magnify the screen? I changed bulb out to two LEDs...first used blue.
    Nope he says, not enough then I put a yellowish/green...better, but he still has trouble

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Im gonna have him hold a magnifying glass up and if that works, then fig a way to mount a glass so he doesn't have to hold it.

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