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Thread: Cobra 2000GTL and Astatic D-104 Golden Eagle

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    Cobra 2000GTL and Astatic D-104 Golden Eagle

    I am a new owner of used legendary antiques. Sure I overpaid for both. But they are in such fine, even pristine condition.
    The Cobra 2000GTL has had the Frequency Switch mod applied, which I'm not enthusiastic about; but will live with unless I get some motivating feedback on the DDS-VFO upgrade. The Tone Control has been modded for variable dead key, thank you very much; I run 1.5-2W into my pre-amps. And my hearing isn't good enough to hear the differences Tone Control makes. Otherwise it's pristine with dual original speakers.

    I thought my Stryker 955HP was a good receiver. The Cobra 2000GTL is far superior.
    Talked to Australia from Alabama on LSB and Imax 2000 the other night; what a rarity that was, for me, with skip working out both directions. 27.385 LSB sure is crowded; even on SSB it seems etiquette is also an unknown application. Every capable DXer wants to dominate and get their contact list checked off. No 1 minute pause after 5 minutes of channel domination.

    The Bi-Centennial Commemorative Golden Eagle, Astatic D-104, is sparkling. Has never had a connector on it, til now. Gotta problem though: It doesn't have the Relay to Electronic mode switch. I'm 1/2 blind therefore I keep my fingers away from hot soldering irons. I farm-out my delicate electronics work to local radio pro who is researching the issue. Any help from here would be appreciated. is asking $1,770 for a pristine Golden Eagle; I'm not that dumb nor overindulgent, unless 3 pints of Bock is approaching such.
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