Hello I'm South of Pittsburgh , Calling on Am #38 Daily 12:15Pm Dx#3511/DirtyBird. I have open sky to the west,

IV been into radio since 1998.
I passed the ham tech over 100 times but never tested.
Morse Literate but not fast.
Have my GMRS also

My geek hobbies are
Radio, Linux, Pi zero , Commodore 64
medical/ science/pharmacology
studying religion/ cultures and society

My manly hobbies are/were
Hiking,Camping,Fishing, Foraging,Jeepin
Mechanically Inclined,
Love the smell of 7010
Jamming 460 ford's In Everything.
ancient, Jap bikes
Cb350s. 750s and 900s

I enjoy
Cheap Whiskey, Jane
cooking and BBQ
Gardening , vegetables
tobacco , and Sunflowers.

Otis was my Pap, Jesco and them cousins
God fearing Black Israelite "long story"
Pro American Pro Union
Tax paying Republican

Multiple Industries
Automotive recycling
Barge Manufacturering
Property Management,

I'm all tore up from cancer
Iv survived 8 years Advanced crc
Really put the brakes on life, Chronic Pain sucks
I keep my mind busy and do what I can
I'm haggard AF scared up

I can get along with mostly anybody and have time,
it's hard to make new friends at near 40.