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Thread: New 40 steel push-up mast

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjd420nova View Post
    The guy wires don't need to be non-metal. Using the ceramic eggs it can be cut and tuned to enhance a high takeoff angle for skip. Placing guys between ground radials can create what the transmitted signal sees as a ground element. They can also be used to capture an offending harmonic but it must be provided a path to ground. There can also be differences between the ground potential between a ground at the antenna base and a ground at the station. Don't rely on outlets, water pipes or lines from other services, establish your own ground system and don't mix them. And as with any outside antenna, lightning protection is essential.
    No ground or counterpoise is required because it's a center-fed 5/8 dipole with a balanced design.

    Adding anything metallic anywhere in the near field of the GainMaster will destroy it's TOA and what you'll have left might rival the performance of an A99
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