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Thread: Hi fellow CB Junkies :-)

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    stratomaster Guest Chat with me

    Hi fellow CB Junkies :-)

    Howdy folks, my name is Bob and I just joined the forum, my handle on the CB is BigBob and skip/DX number is 823 in Tennessee. I live in Nashville TN. and I enjoy modulating on the CB to Locals as well DX and I emphasize the DX :-) I love talking to my local pals but I really love meeting new folks on skip QSO's as well as talking to DX pals that I have met talking skip before on other QSO's. I look forward to meeting all of the members here and being active in the forum and hopefully learning things about skip and working on my equipment as well as contributing what little info that I might already know that might be helpful to others.

    I hope to learn a lot here and contribute to others as I learn. I look forward to meeting you guys and being an active member here.

    "stratomaster" my user handle/name on the forum........

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    hey Bob 823 . its about time you made it here, lol lol lol happy 4th to you and the family . welcome to the weekend . bump bump .

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